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Washington Graphic Services is a Washington DC area Graphic Design Communications Company. We specialize in the design and development of marketing materials, brochures, annual reports, logos, customized graphics, web sites and website maintenance, ecommerce solutions, custom web applications, content management websites and branding.




Can Search Engines Find Your Website?

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We get asked often...what is SEO? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an effort to have your website listed in all major websites, in the free (organic) search areas. Washington Graphic Services can analyze your website to help you determine how successful it is at drawing visitors and generating leads. We look at how easity it is to find your site online through Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines, and then we compare the results to your competitors' sites to show you where you stand competitively. How your website is designed and programmed has a large effect on search engine placements, as well as the quality of your content. Content is king...meaning, the original content that relates to your business is the content that people will be typing in a search engine to find you. You can't be found without these components.

Our team will create a list of key search terms used to find your website. What keywords are your target customers using? Our experts can help you to select and implement the most relevant keywords for your audience, which should improve traffic to your site significantly and immediately. In addition, we see how your site performs on the many different mobile devices in the world, and determine how you can reach more with mobile optimization.

Call Washington Graphic Services today. We can get your website working better, listed on search engines, and most importantly...get viewers to your website.