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Washington Graphic Services is a Washington DC area Graphic Design Communications Company. We specialize in the design and development of marketing materials, brochures, annual reports, logos, customized graphics, web sites and website maintenance, ecommerce solutions, custom web applications, content management websites and branding.




Time to Redesign Your Website

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Every business needs an effective website. It is the hub where all potential clients go to verify your work, experience, products and services. Business websites are your online marketing strategy. Without an effective website, you will never see significant results from any online advertising campaign.

If your website is not making you money, redesign it. When you redesign the site, don’t just worry about it looking good. It needs to effectively and quickly display what your business is, and what you offer. The site needs to entice the viewer enough to dig deeper and look for more specifics.

Warning signs about your current website:

Your website is not generating revenue, sales or leads

If your website receives traffic, but no conversions, this is a problem. Your website could be missing something critical that is turning your website visitors off.

Your website has no conversion

Conversions are the stages a visitor navigates through your website in order to convert. Effective website designs define conversions. Starting from the home page of your website, you should know how visitors will travel through your website to gain what they are looking for.

Outdated websites won't encourage viewers to stay

As time progresses, consumer tastes and preferences change. If your website design is outdated and does not make a good impression, prepare for the exit button. Your website is never finished permanently. Make gradual improvements to your website design over the years to keep up with the times.

First impression is not powerful

First impressions are everything. The truth is that you only have 3 seconds to make an impression on a website visitor. If your website does not make a good impression within this time frame, you will likely miss opportunities.

Not trustworthy and credible

People see website design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business. These statistics are not made up. Your website design is the reason people are converting, or not converting, on your website.

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