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Does Google Adwords Advertising Work?

john mier

Our business has been using Google AdWords for 8 plus years and it gets potential customers to call us. At the end of the year we look at what we have spent on Google and what it brought in, and it absolutely brings in FAR more than we spend.

I truly believe AdWords can work for almost any business: small, medium, or large. Creating these accounts are not for the faint of heart, they take a lot of time and Google's interface changes often. Washington Graphic builds AdWords accounts for our clients, and we have them up and running in a matter of a few days. Here are details we consider when building each business' AdWords accounts:

Use more restrictive match types: Are all of your match types set to broad? Well, bingo, that's why AdWords is so darn expensive! With broader match types your ads are more likely to be served to a much larger, and sometimes irrelevant audience, leading to wasted clicks. I'm not advising that you stop using broad match keywords, but make sure to set up negatives to block irrelevant searches, bid on phrase and exact keywords at higher bids to get more relevant clicks, and regularly monitor your Search Query report to get a sense of if you're bidding on keywords people are actually searching for.

Target a specific area using zip codes: I always want to stretch our advertising dollars the best we can, SO I only target geographic areas that I think our real customers will come from. I also turn our ads on and off during business times. The key is you want to maximize when your ads are shown and to the right business or people.

Set a realistic budget & bidding strategy: Determining budgets and bids can be a full-time job in itself, but don't over-complicate the process. Map out what you're realistically able to spend on each campaign and set your daily budget accordingly. What about bidding? For budget conscious advertisers, I always recommend bidding manually to have the most granular control over your account without letting Google run the show.

Make sure you're not on Search with Display Select: Being on search and display can work great for the advertiser looking to get the most visibility and branding possible, but often users blindly choose this option and end up confused as to how their daily budget was depleted so quickly. Well, the display network is taking your ads and showing them across the web rather than just in the search results. The intent is different when browsing the web compared to doing a search, so typically I recommend splitting these campaigns and having separate strategies and budgets for each.

Track spend: There can be so many reasons your spend gets out of control. Perhaps your keywords are triggering irrelevant clicks, or you're using automated bidding that is quickly depleting your budget, or an algorithm update caused your spend to skyrocket. The main point here is that you need to be extremely active and review KPI's and spend on a daily basis, even if you set aside just 10 minutes per day. If you do this, you'll be guaranteed to not waste money on irrelevant clicks.

Also don't believe this: We have great SEO, so we don't need to pay for clicks. SEO is a guess on possibly getting placed on the free areas. That means you won't be guaranteed to be placed anywhere. SEO is fine, but no one can promise you a place at the top of each keyword-ed area with AdWords.

Call Washington Graphic Services and let us get your phone ringing with a customized Google AdWords account.