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Does a blog help my business?

john mier

Clients always ask: “do blogs help my business”.. I answer: increased sales and exposure through social media, taking advantage of, permission marketing, video marketing, all lowering your costs per sale in your business.. There are many reasons why a blog helps your business.  

If you run an offline business (a traditional business where people pay for a product or a service), then I can give you 1 Million reasons why you must have a blog to boost your business. The 1 Million reasons are effectively the people that could be visiting your blog over the next year or two. They are all potential customers.

Drive more business to your blog. The big reason to have a blog for your offline business it to drive more NEW traffic (potential customers) to your business. These are people that normally wouldn’t find your offline business or the existing website that you may already have (and have probably paid some unjustifiably high price for; a problem you do not have with a blog).

The hordes of people may not buy from you. As a matter of fact, I can tell you that most of them won’t! But that is OK, because it’s cheap to have a LOT of people on your blog and they help spread the word about your business to other people! Now, if you know what that means, you are a good entrepreneur; it means you will make more money and more profits!