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Will Apple make larger iPhones and an iWatch?

john mier

If you follow any of the Apple rumor/news sites, all believe new larger screened iPhones and an iWatch is coming soon. I think larger iPhones YES, but iWatch no. Reason? Who is going to continually “charge” a watch? Many people such as myself have it on for days at a time, some of us rarely take it off, we shower, swim etc with it on. The watch would have to be powered for long periods of time, be elegant, slim, water resistant, shock resistant, small and most importantly look like a watch that we all want. Watch styles are endless… can a single watch style do for all/everyones tastes? Many of us consider watch “jewelry”, not so much phones or music players. I hope we get a watch, but i’d hate to see a misfire. Apple just announced quarterly reports and the iPod is selling 2 million a quarter, WAY down from 25 million a quarter. The iPod is dead, if the iWatch can replace al the functions of an iPod with an awesome wireless earpiece and be a great feed to your iPhone/computer and look great…then maybe.

Apple is printing money because they are proving products we need and what we didn’t know we needed. We often read, and Much of the content on these sites are the same, but often with a new spin or commentary.

Our agency will soon switch over to the new MacPro desktops. These new desktops are awesomely fast and therefore productive for our team of designers and programmers. We can now do work for our clients faster and better than ever!

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