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Creative Suite Now Only on “The Cloud” (We Hate It)

john mier

For many years (since 1995) we’ve purchased Adobe products to create all our graphic and web materials. We use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat…the entire Create Suite. Initially we purchased the stand alone products and then purchased the Upgrades. We own thousands and thousands of dollars worth of these products and upgrades. 

Now Adobe ONLY sells a monthly subscription and all your past purchases will be of no value. Your past purchases will be of no value because you can’t buy future upgrades. You will be forced to “rent" all future releases or not be compatible with clients/other industry users. 

I think this is blackmail and poor customer relations. The graphic design, advertising, printing industry is the core of Adobe customers. I’ll hold off using my Creative Suite 6 as long as possible. We won’t be forced to pay a monthly fee for future upgrades. Tag this article on your blogs/postings. Let Adobe know their greed and poor customer relations will lead them to the path that Quark went down. Remember Quark? They were the only page layout program before InDesign. They too had a “take it or leave it” approach. So a better, cheaper software application came about (InDesign), and their users fled. Now Adobe has gone down the same path. Software developers take note… Now is your chance!