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Marketing Through Social Media

john mier

There are so many articles pushing firms to start social media and more and more a/e/c (architecture/engineering/construction) firms are jumping on board. Doing social media right is not just being able to create a facebook page or tweet messages out. There needs to be a policy for employees, a strategy in place that aligns with your marketing goals, engagement with the online community, and of course measurement. In addition to the strategy, set-up, daily activity and goals you must do, the next question is who is going to do it? Many of us are wearing multiple hats and trying to keep our heads above water so when do we have time to do social media too? Outsourcing social media might be your next step.

If you have decided that social media is right for your firm, I have created this checklist to finding the right social media consultant to assist your firm with your social media marketing.

The Checklist:

1. View their website and blogs. What are they posting? Are they staying relevant and professional?
2. How connected are they? If your consultant has almost no social media presence of their own, it’s like getting heart surgery from a plumber.
3. Experience & Training. Have they had any training/education with incorporating social media into a marketing plan?
4. References. Can they provide you with references for the required services?
5. Trust. Do you trust the people behind this company? Do they seem to care about your brand?
6. Industry knowledge. Your company is unique and you need someone who understands your business, clients, services and prospects. How much knowledge do they have in your industry?
7. Show you the Ropes. Will the social media consultant teach you how to sustain what they’ve started? Will you be taught how to use the tools, identify people, and essentially do what they did?

A social media consultant will be able to assist you in a variety of ways including making regular updates, keeping you on message, and by helping you find new things to try. True value comes in the form of insights and experience informing you what to do next.