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Apple: We Need Larger Displays Please

john mier

Today’s Apple announcement with iPad Air2 and iMac 5K’s made we wish they added those 5K specs to their displays. It has been years since Apple provided new displays. The Pro/Graphic community needs larger 30”+ displays. We look at these displays all day and we need higher resolution 30”+ sizes. Also why you are at it, how about a 34” double page speed size to have two pages side by side with room for tools.

Our office recently ditched the Apple extended keyboards for Logitech solar powered keyboards. They are wireless and require no batteries. We hate having to continually change batteries to keyboards and mice. Those irritating empty battery warnings always happen at the most inopportune time. Solar Track pad, Mouse, TurboMouse and Keyboards please.

We love your products Apple. How about less drawn out announcements with boring speakers and just make your products available. Some of these “presenters” are painful to watch. Just bullet point the details to us please. While I’m on my tirade can I also ask Apple to make pages equal to InDesign so we can ditch that layout program, Illustrator and Photoshop too.

John Mier